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Generative AI Is Moving From Hype Into ‘Serious Mode’

Abhay Parasnis, CEO & founder, Typeface.ai

Over the summer, Gartner placed generative AI at the peak of inflated expectations on its hype cycle covering emerging technologies.

Sounds about right.

Moving from hype to reality check is a rite of passage for technological innovations after they burst onto the scene making bold promises. Once the excitement starts to wear off, companies begin asking their partners harder questions about business impact and long-term value.

It’s the inevitable shift into “serious mode,” says Abhay Parasnis, CEO and founder of Typeface.ai, a generative AI startup for enterprise marketers.

Parasnis is already starting to see a more mature form of AI adoption happen among Typeface’s marketer customers, he says, speaking on this week’s episode of AdExchanger Talks.

“This is no longer just a pilot on the side of just a proof of concept, but real ROI, real investment,” says Parasnis, who founded Typeface early last year after nearly seven years at Adobe, most recently as CTO and chief product officer.

Speaking of real investments, Typeface is making a few of its own.

Last week, it acquired a startup called TensorTour, which develops computer vision technologies and advanced AI algorithms with a focus on AI-generated content, including video and audio.

This deal bolsters the official launch of what Typeface calls its “multimodal content hub,” a platform where marketers can upload their data and digital assets to train the model on their particular brand’s voice, look and feel.

“It’s all about giving enterprises control and guarantees around any content they generate. It can be trained with their data and their content,” Parasnis says. “And they can safely use it with the right kind of copyright and the right safety measures, so that it doesn’t leak back into public data sets.”

Also in this episode: Cats riding on mechanical bulls and the art of prompt writing (promise that statement will make sense in context), why ChatGPT took off as fast as it did, avoiding the “sameness trap,” how to regulate a rapidly developing technology like generative AI and Parasnis’s love of photography.

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