• Why REI Is Going Out-Of-Home For Its Outside-The-Box Marketing

    When the outdoor recreation retailer REI closed its shops for Black Friday, the biggest sales day of the year for many stores, it was testing brand appeal against strong short-term revenue, as well as its out-of-home (OOH) media and data services. REI has grown its OOH media from nothing two to three years ago to […]

  • CPGs Focus On Marketing In Tough US Retail Landscape

    The world’s largest consumer product brands are struggling to grow their US businesses. While some of the challenges are macro-economic, like increased transportation costs, the biggest factor is the growth of retail private-label brands, which can’t be acquired or stamped out like startup competitors. Large CPGs are also adjusting to new direct-to-consumer and ad-heavy startup […]

  • Pixability Says It Will Refund Clients' YouTube Buys That Don’t Meet Their Brand Safety Criteria

    Pixability, a platform that originated as a tool for identifying high-performing YouTube channels, is putting its money where its mouth is. The company will refund advertisers for views that run on YouTube inventory that is not brand-safe or fails to meet an advertiser’s agreed-upon brand safety terms, either through cash or TV-like “make-goods.” Although Pixability […]

  • Albertsons Performance Media Seeks To Capture More CPG Spend As Lines Blur Between Brand And Shopper Marketing

    Albertsons has unleashed shopper data from its network of 2,300 stores to help CPG advertisers determine whether their digital ad spend drove sales. When the grocery chain, whose numerous brands include Safeway, launched Albertsons Performance Media last week, it joined retailers like Target, Kroger and Walmart, which have each invested in building an audience activation […]

  • Twitter: The Not-So-Little Engine That … Might?

    Twitter is a company that always seems on the verge of flight. The potential is there, but the question remains: Will the platform ever be able to fulfill it? Instability in Twitter’s C-suite doesn’t help. On Tuesday, COO Anthony Noto – second in command to Jack Dorsey – became the most recent top Twitter exec to fly […]

  • KFC's New CMO Hits The Ground Running

    Just six weeks into her new role as CMO of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Andrea Zahumensky is hitting the market Sunday with her first big campaign launch for the quick-serve restaurant’s new Smoky Mountain BBQ flavor. Zahumensky, who joined KFC from Procter & Gamble, where she was brand director for baby care products in North America, […]

  • Procter & Gamble Plans To Keep Slashing Marketing Costs

    Procter & Gamble isn’t done trimming its agency and advertising investments, even after a year of deep cuts to media and production budgets, according to senior managers during the company’s Q2 earnings report on Tuesday. Digital media and tech vendors have become more transparent since P&G began crusading against online supply chain failures a year […]

  • How Marriott’s Loyalty Data Program Is Driving Its Media Ambitions

    Many large brands have in-housed advertising technology as part of a data-driven marketing overhaul. But for Marriott, the data-driven plan has meant taking more ownership of media production, including travel news sites and documentary features, as data ties creative content to bottom-line results. Last year, Marriott consolidated data from its Marriott and Ritz-Carlton rewards programs […]

  • Netflix Will Have Ads, And Other Predictions From Top TV Ad Chiefs

    Netflix will inevitably need ads, predicted Jo Ann Ross, CBS’ president and chief advertising revenue officer, during a fireside chat at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview on Thursday. “Maybe they’ll offer a lower-cost version of their service [or a different model],” she said, “but if they’re spending that much money [on content], they will look for ways […]

  • Podcast: Belinda Smith Discusses EA's Marketing Arts

    Welcome to AdExchanger Talks, a podcast focused on data-driven marketing. Subscribe here. Our guest this week is Belinda Smith, a senior brand marketer at Electronic Arts who is also the author of many smart AdExchanger columns. Belinda is a font of insights for any marketer thinking about bringing their media buying activities in-house. When she joined EA, […]

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